Trade With Me

If this is the first time you've traded with me, please read through my trading rules! I am quite lenient, but there are a few things worth noting.

  • Not only am I incredibly busy being an admin for Idolise, but I am also a full student. If you have not sent me any random cards (meaning, everything you've sent me is intended for my collecting or keeping), please put the trade through. Do not message me and ask if you can put the trade through. It says to do so right here.
  • Otherwise, if you have sent me random cards (which I do accept, but please do not use me as a trash can for your unwanted cards) -- please allow me a week before putting the trade through on your end. I will occasionally prefer to pick the cards I receive, and this will only cause you trouble if you put it through without my permission.
  • Should the trade form not work, please feel free to contact me in either of the following ways:
    • Discord (Preferred): caitlin#1004
    • E-Mail:[at]
  • If a trade is quite large, I do not mind you breaking it up into smaller trades.
  • Please do your best to list the cards you're giving me in the following order, so that it's easier for me to sort through them:
    • Collecting cards
    • Keeping cards
    • Random cards (please inform me in the comment section!)